Join us in a touching ceremony to honor cancer survivors and remember those we have lost.

One of the most special activities planned for the Relay For Life is the Luminaria (candle lighting) Ceremony. To remember or honor a loved one who has been touched by cancer, the American Cancer Society sponsors this ceremony. Luminarias are votive candles sand bagged in paper bags. These candles will be placed all around the track and lit during a special program. Everyone is invited to attend.

We want to give everyone in our community the opportunity to pay tribute to their loved ones and friends and fight the disease that claims so many lives. You do not have to be an actual participant in the Relay For Life to take part in this tribute. Upon receipt of your donation, the individual(s) you designate will be labeled on the Luminaria(s) to be lit at the Relay site you designate.

You do not have to be present. If you cannot join us that evening, we will light your Luminarias for you. If you would like to light a Lurninaria for someone, please fill out the coupon below and return it with your donation to the address on the luminaria form. Luminaria forms and payments must be received by May 13.

Thank you for your help in the fight against cancer.